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KSAT, Norut, and PPO.labs have entered a strategic partnership to establish operational services of spaceborne radar technology to provide ground motion monitoring services.


An industry leader in maritime time-critical earth observation services performed with multi-mission SAR satellites, and operator of a global network of downlink stations.


Research organisation with expertise in applied Earth Observation (EO) research and development.


A highly specialized provider of interferometric methods and services.

For now, this page only contains highlights from the press release announcing the partnership. Keep an eye on this website for further updates, including demo material from the KSAT-GMS portfolio that's coming soon.

Staying ahead in the ground motion monitoring services

The Earth Observation business is going through a rapid change. As space based monitoring data is becoming easily accessible worldwide, the need for a robust yet scalable service providing national or even continental scale products, emerges across many sectors.

There is a high demand for reliable space based ground monitoring services. Stakeholders and applications are very diverse: from urban planning applications in the context of modern smart cities, to governments wanting to identify critical areas prone to subsidence or natural hazards. In the industry, services are needed in many operational workflows, including infrastructure monitoring, and across many other aspects of the petroleum production process.

KSAT-GMS partners are key players in the EO market with a well-established track-record and decades of experience. This partnership stems from an already ongoing cooperation in strategic projects, in which unique know-how and services are being developed by partners for selected global players.

With this partnership, we aim to contribute to the global trend in commoditization of Earth Observation data. KSAT-GMS will offer a unique service to our customers worldwide, specifically tailored for ground deformation monitoring applications.

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